Claire (Digital) Miekala (ballpoint pen/watercolor)
Shelley (woodless graphite on paper)
Brian (digital) Autumn (micron/digital)
Danielle (digital)
Libby (graphite on paper)
Lori (digital)
RJ (pen on vellum overlays

Process for my (currently untitled) book.

The book is a collection of ten stories written by junior Graphic Design majors from the 2014 Core Studio course at Maine College of Art. The stories have been refined and composed specifically for this project.

Each story is supplemented with a personalized portrait of the author. The portraits intend to resemble characteristics or elements pulled from each belief, emulating the character and overarching tone of the author. 

I wanted to push my abilities as an artist—within the parameters of design—by illustrating in slightly different styles, using unfamiliar techniques and mediums.

The graphic design majors spent the weekend at The Pace House in Stonington, Maine. Here are a few sketches and photos I took during my time there.

Obligatory College Update

So, I’m one month into first semester, junior year. Basically, I’ve written twenty-three thousand essays and prepped for a big presentation on the Arts + Crafts Movement. Not so glamorous, amirite? But wait—I have also been designing a small, 45-page book that will be ready to share in about a month or so. I’m super excited to show new work, but I’m also very particular about what I share on my blog. So, if you’re interested in seeing more of my process work please follow my Instagram!

Photo by Justin Carey

Photo by Justin Carey

Photos by Justin Carey